Friday, January 2, 2015

A Call to Action - Contribute to Feast of Laughter Issue 2

Happy New Year everyone!

2014 has been been an enormous year for Lafferty Fans. It started with the arrival of The Man Who Made Models volume 1 of the complete short works of Lafferty published by The Centipede Press. November 7 was Lafferty's 100th Birthday, and also the publication date of the first issue of Feast of Laughter the new Lafferty fanzine (read book of essays, commentary, scholarship, and stories) published by yours truly and the magnificent people at the East of Laughter fan group on Facebook.

The first issue was an enormous success--far beyond our wildest dreams (see my blog entry, Andrew Ferguson's entry, and Neil Gaiman's post; go and buy it on Amazon)!

Now it is time to focus on the next issue. We want to make the next issue even better than the first, learning from the few mistakes of first publication and attracting even more top quality content.


  • Expression of Interest: Saturday, January 31, 2015 
  • Content complete: Friday, February 20, 2015
  • Publication: Saturday, March 18, 2015
Email with all your ideas, submissions, stories, daydreams of things you'd love to write about R. A. Lafferty, and even requests. 

  • Q: If I have a perfect idea that I can polish into an amazing entry, but I dream it up on February 1, am I out of luck until Issue #3?
  • A: Most likely we can fit it into Issue #2. The January 31 deadline for expression of interest is a guideline to help know how much content to prepare for, and see if there are any synergies between topics from different writers, so I can coordinate conversation and work. Please be as thoughtful as you can, but if it absolutely ought to be in this issue, by all means submit it!
  • Q: Can I suggest essays by other bloggers, scholars, critics, and authors that ought to be included?
  • A: Absolutely, that is where a huge amount of our content in Issue #1 came from. If you suggest it, be prepared to follow up by contacting the original author and requesting permission to include the content.
  • Q: Copyright?
  • A: Absolutely respected on all fronts:
    • 1. Ktistec Press and Feast of Laughter is scrupulous in respecting copyrights for all material. We WILL obtain full permission to use any content before including it, unless that content is already in the public domain (see Andrew Ferguson's essay on "The Six Fingers of Time").
    • 2. All authors retain copyright to their entries. 
  • Q: Do you pay for content?
  • A: No. At this time, the Ktistec Press makes no money whatsoever. Our goal is to raise awareness of Lafferty's place in American literature and SF. To do that we want to reach as many people as possible, which means keeping the printed edition as inexpensive as possible. To this end, all of the content for Feast of Laughter is donated. Gleefully, joyously, jubilantly donated. Even Michael Bishop's story and Lissanne Lake's magnificent painting were donated with enthusiasm (and I am humbled by their greatness in so doing). 
  • Q: Can I help format, edit, proofread, publish, etc?
  • A: Yes, please!
  • Q: Where can I submit content?
  • A: Email it directly to or post a request in the East of Laughter fan group on Facebook, and I will share a submissions folder in Google Drive with you where you can deposit your work.
  • Q: Do I have to laugh while submitting content?
  • A: No, but if you don't, just keep it to yourself.

Issue 2 of the feast is being prepared, and you are invited! Remember, it's a potluck affair. Take as much as you can consume, but bring something to share.

Thank you and bon appetit!